Exploring Creates and Donates Sculpture for Kennesaw State University

Standing more than 10 feet tall, a new addition to the Kennesaw State University campus will serve as an iconic centerpiece. And it was designed, built and donated by an Atlanta company.

A sculpture of the Kennesaw State logo, donated by KSU Foundation trustee Dave Walens and his company, Exploring, Inc., was unveiled today on the Campus Green in Kennesaw, Georgia. ID3 Group, a division of Exploring, designed, built and installed a nearly 8-foot three-dimensional sculpture of the University’s distinctive “KS” logo handmade of aluminum with gold-plated bordering atop a 33-inch concrete base.

“This landmark will be a focal point on campus that represents the pride and passion our community has for Kennesaw State,” said KSU President Pamela Whitten. “I expect this to be a popular spot for prospective and current students to take photos, especially during campus tours and graduation celebrations, and for alumni who come back home to campus. We thank Dave Walens for this donation as part of his ongoing support of Kennesaw State.”

Walens said that the University’s new brand launch was the inspiration for adding the iconic centerpiece to campus. The ID3 Group team developed a design that reflected the brand and hand-made the aluminum intertwining, three-dimensional “KS” logo and its accompanying components. The sculpture was designed by ID3 Group Chief Creative Officer Rick Clark, with project management by Jordan Landay, Client Services Supervisor.

“We’re excited to help make the new Kennesaw State logo larger than life in a way that students and visitors can see and connect with,” Walens said. “Exploring is honored to donate this amazing handmade sculpture as a way to give back to our community and Kennesaw State students.”

The logo sculpture is Walens’ latest contribution to Kennesaw State. Along with his support of the Entrepreneurship Center, Walens was one of the first donors to the Legacy Locker initiative to support The Owls Fund, the fundraising arm of KSU Athletics.

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